Our Approach

Patient-Centered Care

At the core of SPFI is comprehensive patient-centered care from community clinics. Patient-centered care is made possible through the support of a dedicated patient care team at a culturally-competent clinic.

Patient Care Team

Although Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) is not yet curable, it is preventable and manageable if proper course of action is followed. It is far too common for people to lack the means or motivation to improve their lifestyle habits. Effective care in the communities supports at-risk patients to adopt the changes they want, and prevent the onset of T2D and its complications The care team work in collaboration with the patient and primary care physician to craft and support an adoptable plan of care.

Culturally-Competent Clinics

The most important facet of T2D care is the patient’s relationship with their primary care physician. Patient communication and understanding is critical in assuring adherence and finding solutions to attain their targeted benchmarks. Patient-centered care teams can empower communities to make long term improvements in lifestyle that will greatly reduce the risk of T2D onset and the complications like stroke, dialysis, and limb amputation.

The culturally competent clinical centers will provide the communities with coordinated care for seamless communication between the primary care physician and the rest of the patient’s care team to improve clinical efficiency.