Our Story

The Global Care Initiative is honoring Dr. Peter Sheehan’s legacy of approaching diabetes care with comprehensive services, utilizing data in the prevention of diabetes-related complications, and engaging people with diabetes at the community level.

Core Issue

Diabetes is a complex, costly, and debilitating disease that leads to morbid complications like heart attack, stroke, amputation, addiction, blindness, dialysis, cancer, and more. Today, over 400 million people currently have diabetes, and by 2040, the prevalence is expected to grow to close to 650 million. Communities in developing countries and multi-ethnic municipalities around the world are disproportionately affected due to lack of health engagement amplified by the increased risk from genomic, cultural, and environmental factors.

Core Approach

We are shaping the next generation of smart healthcare by creating a direct continuum for innovative solutions to have an impact on community health. Our vision is guided by three principle focuses:
1. Eliminate the hurdles to adopting healthcare technologies that create engagement and/or actionable information.
2. Revolutionize healthcare delivery with accessible, affordable, and personalized encounters.
3. Integrate artificial intelligence for precision in population and individual health.


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