CarePorts address the complexity of managing diabetes and its complications by integrating innovative healthcare technologies directly into community settings.

Smart Healthcare Infrastructure

CarePorts are one-stop digital health clinics for preventing diabetes and its related conditions. The innovative technology-based model enables high-volume preventive healthcare that is accessible, affordable, and personalized. The resulting patient and provider reports are powered by artificial intelligence and provide actionable insight into strategies for better health and quality of life.

Community Health Linkage

CarePorts are referral-based digital health clinics that link health systems into communities for better screening, follow-up, and patient and provider decision-making. Care Ambassadors receive training in cultural-competency and in the use of technologies in order to lead CarePort engagement. This high-touch and high-tech approach results in patient encounters that are efficient, meaningful, and information-driven.

Precision in Population & Individual Health

CarePorts deploy virtual and wearable solutions through the Care Platform to improve self-management, promote independence, and assure the prevention of adverse events. CarePorts are also powerful research tools due to the potential for high-volume information fueling innovative research programs that move diabetes care forward.

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