Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine into Diabetes Care

A collaboration between University at Buffalo (UB), Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in NYC, and the Peter Sheehan Diabetes Care Foundation aimed at a novel approach to collect and analyze de-identified patient data to address the Asian health disparity.

48.5% of Asian-Americans in NYC have diabetes or prediabetes and face significant needs in better adapting diabetes care to their personalized needs. There is a fragmentation between the health system and traditional approaches to caring for the disease and its complications. The result is poor health outcomes and higher risks for drug interactions and adverse events.

Asian populations, notably Chinese communities, are at risk of diabetes and its complications. The research program is an initial step in understanding the important pharmacogenomic differences that influence pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics that may affect patient safety.

The result was a safety metric useful in stratifying Chinese patient populations who are utilizing traditional medicines in their diabetes care. The implication of our efforts allows for closer monitoring with the ultimate goal of adverse event prevention.