Our Approach

The Sheehan Patient First Initiative (SPFI) works to empower patients in at-risk communities with personalized preventive T2D care in order to reduce both the incidence of the disease and health disparities. To reach our goal of improved T2D prevention and management for all, we:

  • Work with culturally competent clinics in order to effectively deliver patient-centered health care services that meet the social, cultural, and linguistic needs of patients.
  • Support patient care teams to help formulate individual plans of care and improve patient motivation and self-management.
  • Support the use of EMR for collection of evidence-based population health data to drive the use of risk prediction tools and assist doctors in decision-making.
  • Support academic studies on the efficacy of diabetes medication and care within specific populations.
  • Support the use of telemedicine and health monitoring services to ease patient access to care and improve the efficacy of plans of care.