Inspired by Dr. Peter Sheehan’s vision of a community-based approach to diabetes care, the Sheehan Diabetes Care Model is a patient-centered, high-touch, comprehensive “hub-and-spoke” model for the prevention and management of diabetes in at-risk communities that promises to improve the standard of diabetes care. 


  • Create sustainable and effective linkages between clinical centers and at-risk communities for the extension of the care continuum into the community setting and the reduction of the use of emergency services.
  • Improve patient engagement, compliance, safety, and health outcomes with community access to preventive services, ongoing health and medication monitoring, and individual outreach through digital health points-of-care in the community.
  • Empower and educate patients with clinical lifestyle intervention programs and health and wellness support delivered through digital health and community-based strategies.
  • Collect health and patient-centered data for research to support physician decision-making, further personalize care, and reduce health disparities.

Care Model Strategies