WoundHSI uniquely convenes wound care leaders across the multi-disciplinary spectrum of academic, industry, policy, and clinical stakeholders in a setting and scale conducive to impactful discussions and long-term collaborations. In its 18th year, WoundHSI is designed to give participants the opportunity to network, engage in hands-on problem solving, and learn about the latest advances in wound healing and amputation prevention.

Participants benefit from engaging in our sessions, without any intellectual restrictions. Sessions consist of presentations and interactive discussions relating to: the basic understanding of wound healing; the development and commercialization of solutions to improve outcomes; and to the utility of products and services in clinical care.

This event is presented by the Peter Sheehan Diabetes Care Foundation, Inc. (PSDCF), a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Charitable Organization.was envisioned and founded in 1999 by Dr. Peter Sheehan. Its mission is to update practicing, research, and industry scientists on the timeliest advances in wound healing. Procedural and pharmaceutical novel treatments are increasingly being utilized for acute and chronic disease in inpatient and outpatient practices, whereas patients require long-term wound care. WoundHSI’s goal is to offer a compendium of information that will better enable the provider to practice clinical medicine. The Mission of WoundHSI is unique in that, unlike other programs that simply provide updates, WoundHSI goes beyond to offer information about emerging science and technology in the area of wound healing.

WoundHSI allows Clinicians, Academic, and Industry Scientists to exchange ideas and innovations not readily available in other venues and without any intellectual restrictions.

The 18th Annual WoundHSI Conference will be held June 17-19, 2020 at Apella, Alexandria Center for Life Science, in New York City.

Please, visit the conference website at www.woundhsi.org for more details on the program and registration rates.

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